Crisfield2-  The third Work Day

Just a work day.  Kind of.

The first part of the day was pretty impressive when all the people working for the United Methodist group in town came to help us lift our walls.  Before we knew they were coming, we were pretty sure there was going to be imminent disaster by either somebody getting hurt because this wall was going to fall on him when we couldn’t lift it, or we would push it right over the edge.  Well none of those things happened and now two walls are standing.

This team (although with all the extra help gone) finished framing up the next two walls and putting the plywood on.  It rained and everyone got wet.  
The other team was also hard at work.  

After the army to help lift the walls, and not taking into consideration the rain, it was a pretty nondescript day.   
From here, we start looking at what we can get done realistically.  We now have fewer days here than we have been here.  
I will post more photos from today on our Facebook page:  click here for our Facebook page.  Or you can go to our Picasa website:  click here for our Picasa site.  
Thank you for your prayers and support!
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