Greetings from N’awlens!

We are still dragging. As Lewis put it, we just didn’t have it today. We still got a lot of stuff done and had a lot of fun in the process, but we didn’t quite have our usual pep and energy.

That being said, we wouldn’t trade our experiences here for anything, not even extra sleep.
Though we weren’t moving as fast as we have earlier in the week, we are seeing completion on some projects, and much progress in others.
In process…

At my site, Howard, Lewis, and Jake have finished the ceiling on the front and back porch, and have started the siding part of the job. (For more details, ask one of them, as I was inside taping and mudding drywall all day long…….)

After the craftmanship of Howard and his trusty assistants.

Ali really getting into her work…

I like to mud.

I like to mud.

I really do like to mud….

That has been my mantra today. I really do enjoy taking the sheets of drywall attatched to studs and making them into walls. I like to and am fairly good at smoothing the ridges out and filling the holes. But we are working on the whole 3 bedroom 2 bath house, and *all* of the walls and ceilings need to be done. We have each found our niche, though. Matthew takes a screw gun and makes sure the screws aren’t sticking out. Corrine and I have been doing the inside corners and ceilings, working corner to corner and meeting in the middle. PC and Ali have been sharing the duties also, Ali doing the upper part while PC gets the lowers. Mari seems to always be hiding out in closets, Rod and Jeff are the go to guys for finding the studs to screw the drywall in more securely, while Bob is just a blur, a one man mudding machine!

Through this process of living and working together so closely, sharing meals and sleeping in close quarters, you really get more of a glimpse into the heart of each person. Bob is a perfectionist, but really cares about people and is very encouraging and empowering. Mari seems shy and quiet, but there is a passionate powerhouse somewhere deep in there. And Lewis was a bounty hunter! Who knew?

It is just past midnight, and I am a little sad, because we only have one more day here to do the work we are meant to do, to see and hear and experience and learn what we are meant to, and to make whatever difference we can. Please pray we can be effective, productive, and open to God’ leadings, and that despite our sleep deficit, we can finish up strong.

Thank You for all your support and prayers!

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