A few phone pics…Day 2 on site

Today started with devotions at the Epworth Center (which is a building in the Aldersgate UMC complex).  Lewis talked about having hope in the Lord for all situations.
On our way to the work site yesterday, Ken took us by this little paint shop.  It’s a family owned store and the kids from the family all work there.  They were all super friendly and helpful today when we stopped back to pick up a couple of paintbrushes.

This is Bob, digging right in and painting with us.  When they redid the house the first time, he basically did most of the work himself.  I was painting on this side of the studs there and he was talking all about their experience with the storm and the various crews that have come through.  His comment was that they saw more quality work from the volunteers than from any of the crews they hired to do jobs in the house.

Leanne and Ali, painting away!

Here Ali was telling stories about being on worksites with Carolyn’s (who is on the left) brothers (Howard and Bob).  She gave total permission for retaliation to any “flack” received from either of them on a worksite.  🙂

That’s all I have for today folks!!  We’ll see what tomorrow brings!


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