Some encouragement today

Today I had a long awaited meeting with Rocky from the UMC camping office. He talked about the UM camping frequently using “vendors” in their camp program. I was encouraged by that because then maybe Thirsty can get hired by UMC to do some mission trips. He said between 3 and 6 the first year. That’s pretty dang cool. He gave me some other ideas about buying a van since that is really one of the largest parts of the cost. He certainly wants to use us this winter. Sounds like a good idea!

Guess who else is going..

I just found out yesterday afternoon that there is another group going to Mississippi the same week we are going- another group from MN- from the Conference. L. Zable is the contact person for it, so it’s definately a VIM trip. I have mixed feelings about it. On the right level, I think it’s fantastic. The more the better. Put Katrina in her place. Show the love of Christ to as many as possible. And on a selfish level, I think, “HEY! That’s our (my) thunder you’re stealing!” Now that I type that out, it seems a lot more silly. I don’t think we need to change anything about our plans. Just keep going. They are flying down and the cost will be approx. $400 per person. How did they do THAT? I am impressed.

I wonder if Rocky Wilson knows about the other trip. They offered to put our trip in the fall camp brochure. – But he never said anything about this other trip when we talked. I think this says something about the importance of getting the word out that we are going.


The first interest meeting

Yesterday (Sunday), I promo’d BB2 at Mt. Bethel. Friendly group. I was invited to their potluck on the 17th. I don’t have to work tha night. I should probably go.

Then we had an interest meeting. Jim P. and Corrine M. were the only ones there. So we talked about different things that had to be done. Corrine is going to try to promo us at St. Pauls. Jim is going to look into getting us onto the local cable TV station. Crazy Crazy! I have never done anything like that, so I don’t know what to expect there. Looks like Jim is going to come this time. I am mighty happy about that. So my predictions and guesses and what I’ve heard about the last team going:

Rod- Yes
Bruce- Still a toss up
Linda- Probably
Fred and Polly- I highly doubt it
Jerry and Margaret- No idea. I hope they can come
Corrine- Yes
Erin- I’m guessing she will come
Barbara- I’m guessing she will come
Troll and Kristen- Up in the air. I think it depends on how responsible they are going to be
Howard- Yes
Deb- Yes
Darlene- Yes
Jim P.- Yes
Barb L.- I’m guessing she will not come
Wray- I’m guessing she will not come.
Trevor- I’m guessing he will not come, but will help us in Memphis again.

I need to be in contact with St. Croix Valley UMC. I think they want to come. I still have to promo at St. P, and Faith- and a couple services at Mt. B.- And at St. Croix V.- I also meet with Rocky Wilson next week. I have to come up with a place.

It is exciting to be at it again.