Arriving in Crisfield

Another great day to travel.  Good fun in the van when we weren't sleeping.  Listening to Bob and Lewis interact about political and religious issues is both amusing and alarming.  I don't think Lewis meant it when he told Bob he hoped they were on the same work site so he could mess up Bob's cabinets.  But just in case, the will be working on different sites.  

We are working with an agency we have not worked with before.  They are a little more structured and require us to work within that structure.  It's nothing that we don't already do, mostly, but it sounded funny coming from them.  "We hope you get something spiritual out of your week volunteering with us, and not just hope the week gets over quickly."  
Crisfield does not have the same allure and "fun" factor that New Orleans has.  I think we are all here to put others before ourselves, be a part of something bigger than ourselves, spend a week in fellowship with like minded people, and try to give back something to society since we have been given much.  
Tonight we talked about loving people who are different than ourselves and it not mattering what they believe or why they are in the circumstances they are in.  We are here to share God's unconditional love with them.  And each other.  Sometimes we have to be intentional and deliberate about it because we otherwise don't want to, but God calls us and we answer.  
Crisfield does not have a lot of restaurants, and certainly not a lot that are open at 8:00pm on a Sunday night.  When we went out to get supper, even the McDonalds looked closed.  But we found a small Chinese restaurant called China Wok that had the best Kung Pao chicken I have had in a long time.  Who knew?  
Things we are praying for:  
Past team members and family members struggling with illness
Our own safety on the job sites
Our families who are left to deal with day to day life without us.  
Thank you for joining our team through prayer and encouragement.  Tomorrow we start a good week of working.  Onward.

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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