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Crisfield3- Wednesday and Thursday

A good couple days with progress on the house and other cool things. On the house, we got the piers to brace up the house done and the holes in the floor covered back up.  Now we are working on putting styrofoam insulation around the outside of the foundation of the house.  I guess it […]

Crisfield3- the 2nd work day

Business as usual.  Dug out some more clam holes.  Cut another hole in the floor, Poured cement.  Bent some rebar.  The inspector likes it.  He will be by in the morning to see about the cement pillars we are going to pour.  There was question about how to do it.   Tomorrow I think we […]

Crisfield3- the first work day

We started working today.  We are working on a house close to downtown.  The goal for us for the week is to shore up the house-  help make it level/raised a little and brace the flooring that was damaged in Hurricane Sandy.   The process is: Take out everything in the rooms we are working […]