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Crisfield3- Getting there

We arrived in Crisfield tonight after one easy day and one harder day of driving.  Saturday morning we left the church at 6:20 am-  a few minutes ahead of schedule.  (a first?!?)  Half hour down the road, somebody I won't name called for a bathroom stop.  (It was Debbie).  We gave her a hard time […]

RE: Be The Tool on the road again! Crisfield3

Praying! Praying! Praying! Holding all of you and those you are serving close in our hearts and prayers. D&d   From: Rod Scofield [mailto:rod@bethetool.org] Sent: Friday, October 09, 2015 10:42 PMTo: Of Course it Quacks <rodscof.ofcourseitquacks@blogger.com>Cc: Debbie Fors <Deb4sgm@gmail.com>; Dort Schlientz <dort@dondort.com>; Ginger Stemme <vstemme@usfamily.net>; Jon Fors <heloves2sail@yahoo.com>; Rod Stemme <stemme@usfamily.net>; Ron Clayton <ronclayton1@gmail.com>; Howard […]

Be The Tool on the road again! Crisfield3

Here we go again!  Leaving in the morning for Crisfield, MD.  The van and trailer are packed.  Seems like half the team is staying at my (Rod Sc.'s) house tonight.  (in reality, it is 4 out of 11)  We will be heading out bright and early at 0'dark:30.   Pray for us for safe travel […]