Back at it…

This is the essence of PC and Erin

We decided to get creative with lunch bag art

Erin serenaded us with song and let it translate onto her lunch bag

Unicorn lunch bag

Jeff playing peek-a-boo at lunch

These are a few of the pictures from my camera. I am trying not to duplicate other pictures.

As I am writing this message, (This is Ali by the way) I am surrounded by team members on their laptops. We have taken to communicating through our computers rather than face to face. Joking, but we do spend a fair amount of the evening “nerding it out” on our computers.
We began our day with orientation from the organization we are working for and they really reiterated the fact that the work here is done when people stop coming. We are sharing the facility with a team from Indianapolis who has come so frequently that the staff knows them by name. It is really cool to be one of the “repeat offenders” and see people who have come back over and over again. I am fueled by people’s heart and passion and coming here is like going to the gas station. I know that I will leave here again with a freshly topped off tank and a renewed passion for the purpose.
The team I am working on spent the day mudding and taping dry wall, tightening screws and doing something outside that I am unsure of (I remained indoors for the most part, sorry my view is somewhat skewed) but I know they were on ladders and cut things. PC, Erin, Jake and I described our job site as cozy, great natural views and smells, rustic, and having great farmland atmosphere. It is an interesting home with interesting challenges. I think the biggest challenge that I faced today was the massive influx of water with a minimal bathroom facility situation. It’s a slippery slope. The ladies took a quick trip into a gas station to expel all the H2O we forced into our systems. Besides the trivial bathroom struggles, I think that this site has good potential for progress.
All in all, it is enough for me to know that God was working here before we came, He is working here now, and He will continue working here after we leave. Now THAT is a team I am blessed to be on.
I think I am going to shut it down for the night, I hope this maiden voyage blog was acceptable to all of our readers and supporters. We love you and thank you all for checking up on us and following our trip.
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