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Hi all!  Tomorrow me start our next adventure in Marquette, Michigan.  We have (eventually) seven people on this team and a good project to work on.  

The project is a home we are working on for a single mom in a small home.  She has one son with some mental health issues.  He is in his 20's and because of his issues, cannot get/hold a job, doesn't drive, and a few other things.  She works for a small non-profit and sometimes she gets paid and sometimes she doesn't.  Her roof has leaked and other parts of the house have fallen into disrepair.  She doesn't have the resources to get the roof and other parts of the house fixed and has had some water damage in the house.  She also has a lot of stuff.  She isn't a hoarder.  But there are a lot of things in this house.  
The team for this trip doesn't include many of the usual suspects.  The team is Rod Sc., from St. Paul, Roma B. and Ray B. from Lower Michigan.  Mike "Troll" B., from Atlanta, GA, and Justin H., and Larry and Annette S., from Amery, WI.  Rod and Ginger, St. were supposed to come with us, but Rod had a medical issue and it became prudent for them to back out of this one.  It's a diverse and multi-talented group.  
And because of who was or wasn't coming, we waffled quite a bit on which projects we were going to do.  We have decided that we are going to work on.  We have decided to make a good hard run at the roof.  Ray and Roma brought up air compressors and nail guns and shingle shovels.  I think we are also going to try to put in the bedroom in the basement.  If we don't finish it, we don't lose anything.  Whereas if we started the bathroom redo, we are committed to finishing it and I'm not sure we could pull it off AND get the roof done.  
So far, Troll, (that's Mike B.), Ray, Roma and I have arrived in Marquette.  Justin and Larry and Annette arrive tomorrow.  They are from Amery, Wisconsin and we are excited to meet them.  
We are staying at a house in Marquette.  The house belongs to Don and Dorothy Sch.  They were not here for the first night that Troll and I got here (In fact, they arrived home just as I was starting to type this email.)  But their hospitality is sooooo rich.  They told us to make ourselves at home and by the notes they left and the food in the cupboard, the agape on our pillows and the way everything was laid out for us, you can't help but know they meant it.  
We start tomorrow.  Pray for safety for us on the roof and for Justin and his contingency in travel.  Pray for ease of acquiring what we need.  (a dumpster, roofing materials, some more equipment)-  and my friend Diane St., says it is against the grain to pray for weather, we really could use some clear days so we have enough time to get the roof done.  And pray for our homeowner.  Her first name is Jill.   
We'll post some pictures tomorrow.  
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Thank you for your love and support.  We'd love to know you are following along with us this week.  
Rod and team

Are you a tool?
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    Anonymous says:

    I'm praying for your team as you work on this project. It's a wonderful thing you are doing for this family. I even thought of joining you on this project – I love Marquette – my home town! But I had other obligations, so I am with you in spirit and prayer. God bless you all and keep you safe and healthy! Mary Kuhn


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