Be The Tool Marquette 1 – The first work day

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because I am exhausted and want to get to bed.  

Good first day.  Ray helped lead the shingle project.  The roof is steeper than we were hoping for.  Ray says, "I can't 'stick' to this roof without help."  We got a whole side stripped and a few rows re-shiingled.  We are confident we will be able to finish.  (but it was questionable.)  We also started throwing away a lot of stuff that our homeowner don't need anymore, and sorting out what she wants to keep.  And we started working on making a wall for a 2nd bedroom.   
Saw some old friends from Marquette.  
Spent wayyyyyy too long at Menards getting supplies.  
There are a few pictures on our Picasa site.  Click here to go to our pictures site. 
And click here for our Facebook Page (where you can "Like" us!)  click here to go to our Facebook page.
Thank you to everyone who sent thank you notes.  It was good hear from several people.  
Pray for continued safety.  And productivity.  
All is well

Are you a tool?
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