Be The Tool- Marquette Day 2

We started early today because we had to be ready to meet the delivery person that was going to put some shingles on the roof.  So we started at about 7:30am at Jill and Ian's.  We worked and worked.  Ray, Justin, and Roma really worked hard on the roof.  Annette and Larry worked in the basement helping set up the new room.  There was another guy that came to help that is a friend of Don and Dort's.  He was a great help, mostly in getting that room in the basement ready.  Troll bounced around between all areas as needed.  

It is supposed to rain tonight, so we had to get everything covered up where had stripped shingles.  We stayed a little long to get it all done.  So we have one long side completely covered.  One short side mostly shingled, but all felt paper.  And the next long side is completely covered with felt/tar paper.  Tomorrow, we are going to strip the last side and shingle the long side.  I think Thursday we will shingle the last side and do the finishing pieces.  I think.  Maybe.  The good things is that have Friday, too.  
After working, we went to dinner at the home of a local family.  It was fantastic!  Bob and Lolly Mager were great to share a meal and share time with.  I think that's another representation of the Body sharing time together.  We share our lives with each other.  People we serve and people who serve us.  
And again, I'm going to keep this short.  I just can't stay up all night anymore.  
Thank you to the people who have sent us encouragement.  It means a lot!  
And some people found that the picture site needed approval.  I think I fixed that and you can just go look at them.  (Let me know if that's not right.)
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Prayer requests for safety on the job site.  And productivity.  
Thank you for your prayers and support!

Are you a tool?
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