Be The Tool Marquette1 – Day 3

There are more photos posted on our Picasa site.  (Or you can get to them via Facebook.  

We got a lot done on the roof today.  I was a little surprised we didn't get further, but I think we can finish it tomorrow.  In fact, we kind of have to because it is supposed to rain on Friday.  
Larry and Troll got a lot done in the basement room they were working on.  All the walls are constructed and half the drywall is up.  Troll is going to try to get the son of the homeowner to help him do the drywall tomorrow.  
Today was Larry and Annette and Justin's last day with us.  They are heading back to Wisconsin Thursday morning.  It has been fantastic getting to know them and working alongside them.  I hope this is the beginning of a long friendship.  
Dinner was donated by a local restaurant tonight.  Same restaurant owner bought us gift cards for another restaurant for lunch tomorrow.  (Jimmy Johns!)  After dinner, we went to Presque Isle Park again.  Troll jumped off the Black Rocks into Lake Superior.  Justin and I were ready for an epic rescue in case he got incapacitated by the cold water, but all was well and Troll feels very good about this trip now.  
We can't say enough about the hospitality we have been receiving.  Don and Dort have been so fantastic to us.  And Bob and Lolly, and even the mail carrier brought us doughnuts.  The community taking care of the community.  Ubuntu.  I am well if you are well.  
What a week.  Fantastic.  
Let's keep going.  

Are you a tool?
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