Be The Tool- Marquette1- Day4

I didn't take any pictures today.  I don't think anyone else did, either, but I'll get them later if they did.  

We said goodbye to Annette and Larry and Justin, who had to head back to Wisconsin.  We can't wait to work with them again.  More about them later.  

But we got the roof done at 4:50pm.  Ray is probably the hero of the roof.  His leadership and skill and teaching ability really were able to drive this project.  It looks good.  I'll shoot some pictures of it in the morning.  
Troll worked with the homeowner's son on the drywall in the basement.  They got a lot done, but not everything.  Tomorrow we intend to finish hanging the sheet rock and put the first layer of mud.  Roma and I are going to take a lot of things back to Menards (because I bought a little extra here and there-  8 bundles of shingles!!????)  

One more day.  Roma and Ray head back downstate tomorrow afternoon.  Troll and I head back to Michigan on Saturday morning.  
On a lot of our trips, Howard reminds us that while we are serving and thinking we are blessing others, the truth is that we are blessed beyond belief by the people we are serving.  This trip has been no different.  There are some things very different from our normal template of what a trip looks like.  We stayed at a house instead of a center.  We were given meals by volunteers who believe in what we are doing and want to support us.  It has really been a great experience.  W'e'll sum things up sometime next week.  But it's been a great week.  And a good team.  And a great week.  
We are going to come back.  There are still projects in the house that need to get down.  If you are interested in coming to join this story, let me know.  The plot is good and it is going to end very well.  
Until tomorrow.  

Are you a tool?
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