Biloxi 2- almost the end

MN had our show and tell on Nov. 5th. Barb made an amazing lasagna and we had a nice time with the folks that showed up. We pretty much stayed on schedule this time. Ended with ice cream floats.

It was nice to see everyone again. I realized how much I missed everyone from the team that I don’t see every week. (Lewis, Barbara, Corrine, Lou)

We (MN) have a closure Biloxi2 / starting Biloxi3 meeting tomorrw night – I will post one more time- to include closure ideas and etc. –

This is a letter I got from Darlene. They had their show and tell session in church on Nov. 12th. Apparently, it went well.

Hi Rod

What a great day we had sharing the story of the mission trip. Each part of
the story added to the whole. I think by the time all who shared what God
laid on their heart, the congregation was able, in many ways, to see as we
had, the Body of Christ at work.
We ran over about 20-25 minutes at the 8:30 service (Rod’s note: With Ray?! We are not surprised. Also: while Darlene is pretty mild mannered and not needing to make a scene, she and I ARE related…) so tried to make some
adjustments for the 11:00 service.
We could have easily done a 2 hours service!
Several are going to Gordonville next week for the service there. Pat is
hosting a pajama party at her house on Saturday night.
So much to share so hopefully over time we will have another time to show
pictures and tell more stories.
Thank you for the pictures Rod and for the blog updates. So many people
appreciated being “in the moment” with us. Had lots of great comments on
that. Jennifer used many of the nightly updates in the newsletter for
November…hopefully you got your issue.

I cannot say thank you enough for the invitation to go with the Riverbend
group in the spring and the chance for Hale to partner with all of you this
fall…it has unleashed a heart for serving God’s people that will continue
to bless our church and others for years to come.

Also when we went to the Mission Training in Midland and we were able to
share some of our experiences there, I know the flame was being fanned in
other hearts too!
Thirstymissions has been launched, Rod, and I’m sure in time you will know
how God intends to use you more fully for HIS glory.

Will give you a call soon.
Love you

P.S. Feel free to post this in whole are part if you want.

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