Biloxi 4 A week before we leave

Hello to Many!

We are almost ready to go on our next Biloxi Trip!  We leave in a little under a week.  Amazing.  This trip seemed to come up fast.  It seems like just last July I was talking to Barbara S. about maybe trying to push this trip out a little farther to see if we could regroup a little more after the summer.  Then our new pastor, Pastor Carolyn said she was all ready to go and had been planning on it and Erin C. said she had already requested the time off, so Barbara and I looked at each other and said, "Ok, here we go, then!"  It has been a quick couple months planning.  Since we have done it three times already, some of the planning I have taken for granted, and some of the things that Pastor Bruce used to do, I am now finding out about because they have yet to be done… 

I am getting ahead of myself-  Let me first welcome and invite the new people to this prayer team. 

Some of you have been praying for us from the beginning of our Biloxi trips, and some are just getting a group email frpm me.  For those that don't know, you are a part of a team of people that I send an email to each day telling how things are going on our trip and how you can pray for us.  I have in the past, sent a couple photos, but I think this time, I am going to try to set up a link so you can look at pictures in an online photo album each day if you would like.  Also, this email will be posted on a blog. 

I don't want to intrude on your email boxes uninvited, so I am asking those that would rather not get these emails to please let me know, and I'll take your name off the list.  I imagine that since this list is going to 164 people (plus the team!) That it will find it's way into many people's junk mail.  I am trying to find a way to avoid that.  So if you could do me ONE favor at first, and if you are willing to receive this email each day we are on the trip, then let me know and I will make sure you stay on the prayer list.  If you don't want to get it, let me know that, too, and I'll take you off.  If you would rather get an email at the end with a link to the blog and pictures, let me know that, and I'll make that happen. 

One of the ideas I have about staying out of people's junk email boxes is to send this to about 10 people who will send it to about 10 others.  If you are willing to forward this to some of the other people this group, tell me and I'll get you the email addies of some folks to send it to. 

Back to business….

Planning has been going ok.   At the beginning, Corrine and Barbara and I met at Barbara's house and talked about the challenges we saw were recruiting and fund raising.  Over the next two months, we raised almost the same amount that we have in the past.  Barbara's church was doing a fundraiser through the Outback Steakhouse.  They donated 100% of the cost of a steak dinner if we sold tickets for it.  We sold almost 100 tickets at $15 bucks each.  We raised over $1100.  Jim P. sent some letters to some businesses and we got a $300 check.  Pastor Rod S. (The Other Rod) suggested we talk to the South Robert Street business association.  They gave us $500.  We didn't raise as much at our 4th semi-annual Half-Baked Variety Show, but it was a fun turnout.  Went a little long, but fun.  I think the show stopper for this one was the Lego demonstration by Pastor Carolyn's son. 

Team members this trip are:
Rod Sc. (me)
Barbara S.
Corrine M.
Linda B-H
Erin C.
Howard N.
Bob N.
Lewis W.
Pastor Carolyn
Pastor Rod St.
Ginger St.
Darold S.

Lewis has a friend that is possibly coming, too, but I haven't met him yet. 

Pray that we get everything ready in the next couple days.  That we see anything we missed.  That we raise enough money to do the project we are called to do.  Team unity. 

More later. 

Again, let me know how/if you would like to receive this. 

Peace and Joy!

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