Biloxi 4- on the way home

We are on the way back.

It isn't that we started that much later than we intended, but we had
to stop a lot. The duct tape that was holding our
weatherstipping/molding around the windshield kept coming loose and we
had to keep applying more. I am afraid the rental company is going to
hate us…

Got into St. Louis around 10:00pm.

Not much really going on today besides duct tape.

We are leaving Sunday morning about 8:00ish. I am hoping we will be
arriving in Salem UMC around 7:00pmish. Anyone wanting to come help
us clean out the van would be welcomed.

Picture 1- the inpector looked at that and said, "Yup, that'll pass code."

Picture 2- This used to be a bridge going from Biloxi to Ocean
Springs. They are building a new one.

Picture 3- Still.

Picture 4- Pastor Rod

Picture 5- Fixing the window

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