Biloxi 4 the 2nd Work day

Thank you everyone for your prayers and love and support.

We got a lot done today. Howard and Lewis and Darold worked mostly on
Emma's house and are very close to having it ready for her to move in.
The electrical inspector is coming on Wed. afternoon to give the
"ok." Then they will hook up the gas, run a dryer vent and a couple
other little miscellaneous joblets. Corrine took a bunch of pictures
and we'll try to get some of those out this week.

Bob led everyone else in working at Thomas's house. The doors are
hung and almost done. The ceilings are painted, the walls are getting
there, the soffit is "done" and the facia is started.

We found out that the cabinet maker that was supposed to do CeCe's
cabinets a year ago has not followed up on his promise and has skipped
town with some of her money. The cabinets are mostly done, they just
need crown molding. Bob and Howard went over there tonight to see
what they could do for her.

We are still working as a team to find our roles here. There is a
balance in the "work on the houses" verses "be in the community." We
haven't found it yet.

Devotions tonight were phoned in by Bruce. He talked about service
verses helping or fixing. Fixing implies that something is broken,
helping implies inferiority. The goal is serving.

I am sitting at Burger King with Rod St. tonight. He and I were
talking about how much is still left to be done. It is scary to think
about it being more than two years after the storm and people losing
interest in helping. There is still much to do. Who will do it? So
many of us come from such a fast food, attention-deficit, instant
gratification, entitlement mentality that the "fad" of volunteering
fades away and is not longer "in." There are better ways to put
points in the karma bank. Something to think about.

Before we came, a woman from my church asked why we were going to
Mississippi instead of helping out in southeastern Minnesota with the
flood victims. The answer I gave her was that God has called me to
come here, and to lead a trip here. He will and is calling others to
help in Winona and etc. There is still much to do. But it's a valid
question that should be asked. The other response is that the call
from the people in southeastern Minnesota was for experts. The
mucking out and etc. was done pretty quick.

We are starting earlier tomorrow, so I better get off my soap box and
get back to the church and get to bed.

The pictures are:
Erin and Lewis
Bob taking a rest- he's not dead
Rod St. and Linda fighting with hammers in the closet?
Howard working at Emma's house
The man in the middle is Thomas, the home owner

Prayer requests:
Electrical Inspection passes for Emma's house
Joblets at Emmas get done
Safe travel for Troll and Kristen on Thursday
Our block party- gonna be in a rough neighborhood
Team unity
Rest for the weary on the team. (yes, already)

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