Biloxi 4 the first work day

Our first home owner we are working for is Emma Washington again.
Howard and Lewis got some electrical issues worked out for her. We
are still trying to get her back in to her house this week. Corrine
and Barbara pointed out some things that were done shoddy by other

Our second home owner is Mr. Thomas Payton. Mrs. Payton went Home a
few months ago, before getting back into their house. We worked on
buying and hanging doors, installing baseboard molding, window sills,
and some soffit work. We are talking about more doors and starting to
paint tomorrow.

We are sharing St. James with another group from Colorado at dinner
time. Crowded, but neat to hear what others are doing.

Devotions by Lewis in the morning, and Linda at the Ocean in the evening.

Elbert G. is fitting in very well, although he only was at one
planning meeting. The man seems to always be singing and filled with
joy. What a joy!

As a team, we struggle a little bit with work vs. being in the
community hearing others stories and seeing the destruction. We
talked about it some more at the ocean tonight. I think we are at
least understanding the differing opinions. ("We are here to work!"
and, "We are here to connect with the people.") It's not an either
or, but a balance we are trying to find.

Prayer requests:
For a past team member, Harold.
Team unity
Vision to see what God wants us to do.
Courage to do it.
The rootbeer float party coming up
Safe travel for Troll and Kristen coming on Thursday to be with us for a day
The other groups working everywhere
People still not back in their homes.

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