Biloxi 4- The trip down

Long, good drive.

Picnic lunch in Iowa colder than it was in Minneapolis.

Judy and Pastor Bruce passed us on the road. They were on their way
to Wartburg to see their son play. That was a surreal experience.
Driving down the highway in Iowa, and here comes a car with Judy R.
halfway out the backseat window, waving like crazy. I told Bruce I
hoped it was a secret plot to come with us again. He laughed at me.
How often do you see your friends hanging out car windows in other

Spent the night in St. Louis.

Lewis is no saint. This morning he turned on the light in our room at
6:00am. I asked what he was thinking and other mean things. We laugh
about it now (at least out loud)

Stopped in Arkansas for lunch at a rest stop. When we left, we heard
a flapping sound on the roof of the van. We pulled over, didn't see
anything, pulled back out, heard the noise, and pulled over again.
This time, Linda noticed that the weather stripping around the
windshield was coming loose. 45 minutes and a small roll of duct tape
(wanna buy a duck?) we were on the road again.

Running, late- we arrived in Gulfport around 8:15ish. Ate dinner at
the Waffle House!

The setup at the church is a little different, but I'll tell about that later.

Howard has been here for a few days and has scoped out the jobs. It
looks like we will be able to get Emma Washington into her house this

If anyone doesn't want this email each day, let me know. I'll take
you off the list.

Prayer requests:

Pray for a team member that was with us last time: Harold. –
especially Monday
Team unity
Vision to see what we should see this week.

Sorry- no pictures tonight. Apparently, I forgot to bring my camera
with me to do this email. (I drive down to a Burger King where there
is a free WiFi connection.)

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