biloxi 4- Thursday

Sorry no pictures tonight. It is late and I am sickly and have to
just send a couple quick notes.

Emma Washington's house was given the ok from the city inspector.
She can move in! (Howard has to fix the AC drain or something
tomorrow, and they are going to install closet rods and selves or
soemthing like that.)

She can move in!

Troll and Kristen showed up. Troll did magic tricks for the kids at
the block party. Not a great turnout. The weather was horrible.
Rained a lot today. We gave it a shot anyway. There is another team
in MS from MN and they brought their bus and we talked to them for a
bit. Erin commented on how it is ironic that we had to go to
Mississippi to meet other Minnesota missionaries.

Got some things done at Thomas's house. I had a really really
frustrating day, not understanding what they (Bob and Howard) wanted
done on the porch, and then not knowing how to do it. Elbert and I
got something done on it, but it's just a start and I don't know how
to finish it before we go.

Bob is leaving tomorrow- flying out at noonish.

Short and sweet tonight. Again, sorry, no pics. I'll try to make up
for it tomorrow.

Prayer requests:

Rod Sc's health
Team Unity- Friday might get dicey with starting new projects or not
Safe flight for Bob
Thanksgiving for Troll and Kristen's safe arrival and safe travel
home tomorrow.

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