Biloxi2- Departure Eve (OR- The Friday Before)

Hello to all- new people and people that have been here the entire
time. If you are new to getting this, you are getting it because
somebody requested I put your name on the list, or I remembered your
email address. If you prefer not to get it, let me know and I’ll take
you off the mega list.

Also– probably not tonight, but soon. I’ll post these on the blog
site along with pictures, and you can read the other entries/letters
about what we are doing. Probably not tonight because I am at
Carribou Coffee, and they just closed and I don’t think I have time to
figure out how to post them yet.

I continue to be amazed already at what God does. And we haven’t even
left yet.

Howard picked up the trailer from A to Z rental in West St. Paul.
They gave us a remarkable deal on it. I delivered a tent donated for
us to use by Midway Party Rental (where I work)- I picked up the
rental van. And I think I will go back to Boyer Ford for the next
rental. It was a busy afternoon and I still wonder what all I have to
get done.

At the Commissioning Service, we started out with a little music.
Then Deb told two stories about how God is at work in her mission
endeavors. Deb sent out support letters to friends and relatives.
She received three checks from that- to equal EXACTLY what we are
asking for the cost. Barb L. and Erin (from the Biloxi1 trip) gave us
crosses that the Sunday school classes had made and prayed for for us.
Each person got an amazing handful of crosses with prayers written on
them, hanging on a piece of yarn. The Elementary kids made a prayer
chain with crosses hanging on the yarn, each cross representing a
prayer. VERY cool!!!!! Then Rod Stemme, the Pastor from Faith UMC
read some verses and encouraged us and commissioned us. He was
fantastic. God had the right person available for this commissioning.
I was glad to hear Rod’s heart.

Did I tell about the housing situation? When we are in Biloxi, there
are currently room for 12 women and 10 men in two dorms. That means
we are sharing the dorms with people from another group. We have 13
women. I just laughed when I heard that. I KNOW God is at work. I
KNOW God will provide. He has called us. He will make the way.
There will be a bed for all our women. (I just feel bad for whichever
woman from the other team can’t come…..)

That just isn’t as funny written out as it was when I told Darlene
that on the phone yesterday.

We are leaving in a few hours (ten). I have to pack. And finish the
laundry and the dishes and bake a pan of brownies. (brownies might
not get done)

Prayer requests: Praise God for making all things fall into place.
Understanding bosses and families that accept, if not understand, our
calling. For finances to come together. For allowing good to come
from bad. For His calling in our lives to be the Body at work.

Amen and amen


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