Biloxi2- epilogue

It’s kind of hard for me to know how to put closure on something. As you can see, I’ve waited over an entire month before writing the last news for B2.

I think it was another great trip. How else can you put it?

I haven’t gotten all the evaluations back from the team yet, but everyone seems to say that the emphasis we put on getting out into the community was very important and successful. The block party is something that we definately want to repeat on future trips. (see below: dates chosen)

We have been in touch with Cece- and her cabinets and countertops are done. She was not back into her home by Thanksgiving like she hoped, but is pretty sure she’ll be back in for Christmas. Several of us got cards from Lena. We got word that Habitat for Humanity has commited to helping Nate finish his house.

The Hale group did their “show and tell” during their church services on November 12th. Ray put out a sign up sheet for the next trip and got a few people to sign up. (see below: dates chosen!) Then a bunch of people went to Pat’s in Midland for a sharing time in her church service on the 19th. I am assuming it went well, and that everyone had a great time. Several people from Hale went to a Volunteers in Mission (It’s a United Methodist thing) training seminar to be able to lead future trips. (dates chosen!!!)

Everybody comes away from a trip like this with different, muchly dependant on what they brought to the trip. (expecations). I came away with a gratefulness to God for the opportunity to go again, to be able to see and be a part of the restoration of lives and hope and joy. All over, people came to us and thanked us for coming. I wanted to say, “thanks for having us!” I also came away with a hope of doing it again. Elijah Mitchel, the regional coordinator for Biloxi and Gulport told me that they expect to be here for three to five years. I worry a little bit about how much endurance people in my church will have for sending us. And maybe it won’t matter. I guess this is just a trust issue. If God calls us, then God will make the way for it to happen. Amen.

I got some feedback about these emails and updates. Several people said, “thanks!” it was very good to see and read. One person asked to be taken off the list. I don’t assume that everyone read every word- If you are still reading this, and I could ask a favor, I would be interested in more feedback about these and what would make them more relevant. Are they too long? Too vague? Too specific? Are they only relevant to people that know people on the trip? One responder suggested more pictures, less words. What would you suggest?

The Hale team has invited me to co-lead their next trip with Ray. Their dates are the end of February. Minnesota has chosen to go back at the end of April. Anybody want to come?

Thanks for the prayers- love- support, etc.


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