Biloxi2- Friday of

I am typing this from a computer in Memphis. Quick note here to say that we are in Memphis. We accomplished a LOT today. It seems like a different day that we got up this am and hustled over to our worksites to get some last minute things done.

Things I’ll write about when I get time:

1. Rod and Lou fixing a roof (not really)

2. The two new work assignments

3. Lena’s and Ida Mae’s and Nate’s

4. Rodney’s –

5. Lunch and last devo’s

6. The trip to Memphis – The trip to Tuscaloosa

7. It is late and There will be more info later-

Trevor- call me, I have your book- we are planning on going to the Civil Rights Museum and maybe out for ribs- I’m sure I can get your book back to you.

Karen- I’ll tell Roma about her desk via Nextel –

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