Biloxi2- Monday

Today was slow going.

I try not to compare the two trips, but today, something new threw me
off for a little while. There is a woman here that does the
orientations for the groups. It took a long time and covered things
we already knew and had gone over as a team. I felt like we were
wasting valuable time. Then she didn’t know we were coming and didn’t
have work assignments for us and would need an hour to get them
together. Hurry up and wait. Then the assignments she gave us were
all over the county. And not close to each other, which is very
different from last time. And they wouldn’t take all week. Being the
flexible and obedient people that we are, we rolled with it and
finally left our camp for our three sites around 11:00am. Judy and
Barb O. did an awesome job divying up the lunch rations that we had
all brought. Pat commented later on how much a God thing it was that
Minnesota seemed to have what Michigan didn’t, and Michigan seemed to
have what Minnesota didn’t. And it all worked out well. The work
sites were in Pass Christian (about 20 miles away from Biloxi) and
Gulport (about 15 miles away). Howard’s team went to Cece’s house
where they are installing cabinets, tile flooring, and painting.
Bruce, Lewis, Robin and Rose went with him. Ray’s team went to
Gulfport to Ida Mae’s house to asses the needs for replacing part of
her floor. They called and asked me if they could spend a couple
hundred dollars to buy the materials and do the work. Ray, Gary, Bob,
Pat, and Barb worked on that house. Here’s what Barb says about it.:

“We had an awesome day. We met a beautiful little 73 year old woman
who loves the Lord. She’s got such a simple faith. She is content
with what God has given her, which isn’t much by our standards. But
she knows God is taking care of her. She is a shining example of
faith in her neighborhood. And we are shoring up her floor. We are
very glad to be here. We had wonderful trip down. We met some great
women from Pennsylvania that we are sharing a dorm with. It’s a
blessing.” (Barb)

Roma’s team was given a house out in Pass Christian that needed a lot
of mudding and drywall sanding and taping and painting. We spent the
better part of the time we were there fixing mistakes of the team that
was there before us. The home owner wasn’t in (her job requires her
to travel) but we met her daughter, Tanicia. Tanicia told us about
how her neighborhood flooded more than 17 feet high. 14 people from
the neighborhood tried to ride out the storm but didn’t make it. Two
people that tried did make it by spending 8 hours on the roof and then
swimming out. Tanicia is an insurance agent and would like to
transfer to their Birmingham, AL branch once her mom is settled back
in. Both Tanicia and her mom have small FEMA trailers on the
property. Roma’s team also included Vicki, Linda, Judy, Corrine,
Barbara, Darlene, Deb, and Rod.

After dinner, we had a very good time together with devotions led by
Judy. We spent a lot of time telling our stories and praying

What we prayed specifically for:
Corrine’s daughter, Lori, who is ill.
Bruce and Judy’s daughter, Robyn, who has limited supervision this week
Robin’s daughter, Morgan, and her health AND for Robin apart from Morgan
Sandi, Karen, Jim and Barb, who are leading prayer for us off the road
Rodney from Pass Christian who stopped and talked to me (rod) –
doesn’t have a job, sold us a vacuum cleaner for $20.
Angie (see last night’s email)
The homeowners we are working for.
Roma’s son, Vance, who does NOT need surgery (!)

The day started out frustrating for me. I wasn’t patient. I thought
things were going way too slow. I had a crabby attitude. By the end
of the day- by God’s grace and Sandi’s brownies (which I DID share!)
and prayer and just having work to do and doing it and being a part of
what God is accomplishing, it turned out great.

“I have leaned to be content in all situations…” (The Apostle Paul)

Thank you to everyone who is praying.


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  1. Karen Emery
    Karen Emery says:

    While camping in St. Ignes,(snow!!) I woke up at 4:00 am on Saturday morning and thought about the Hale group getting ready to leave. I could picture them at the church and I prayed for about 20 mins. for safety and good weather. While watching the weather report for this week, I saw a lot of rain in the Biloxi area. I pray that most of your work is indoors, but if it isn’t, you probably won’t melt. I will continue to pray for good health and obedience. Just remember, nothing is perfect except Jesus, so things will go wrong. Just praise Him when they do!! Thanks for the update and answered prayer that Zane didn’t need surgery. Love and prayers to all. Karen Emery

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I was reminded of Jer. 12:5 — If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses?
    God has some horse racing in mind so don’t let the small stuff get you down. What you are all doing down there is HUGE. THANK you for being there for the rest of us. God bless each and every effort. It is worth it as you bring His love to everyone you encounter…
    Prayers for endurance and a sense of purpose…Kim


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