Biloxi2- the homecoming

I got an email from Ray describing what happened when they got home.
I will copy it here:


Just a quick e-mail to let you know that the Hale/Gordonville team
arrived home to a fan club of 20 or so people that had been waiting in
the church parking lot for us. They had coffee ready for us and they
did most of the unloading of personal bags for us. After the
unloading, we went in to our sanctuary and had a wonderful time of
prayer and sharing of brief stories. We were all tired and needed to
get home so we were very fast. Today, five of us met back at the
church and completely cleaned the trailer and church van. Gary and
Barb Obey invited Vicki and I to lunch at little Ray’s (really it’s
called big Bob’s). While we were in there eating, your Aunt and our
good friend Darlene came in to meet with a client. We had a wonderful
time sharing our stories with some of the Halites. The pastor of the
Baptist church and his youth pastor were among the crowd that heard
some of the stories. They talked about a group of people that they
called Samaritan’s Purse that was doing some work down there. Of
course that just opened up some more stories. They got excited about
us talking about a return trip next spring. Who knows??

the Minnesota half of the team got up on Sunday am. We left about a
half hour later than we were going to. – Bruce asked if we could
stop in Hannibal, MO to see the town attributed to Mark Twain. They
happened to be having a street festival. It was cold, and I was
walking around town in shorts and a sweatshirt. Everyone else, it
seems, was in snowmobile suits. I happened accross a restaruant that
specializes in cheesecake, and thinking I would buy a treat for the
folks in the van, I walked in and started ogling the cheesecake. Many
flavors! The owner started talking to me and telling her story.
(There’s that word again!) She felt like God called her to make the
best cheesecake in the world. She told God she would if he taught her
to read and write. That was when she was 29 years old. God told her
He would put her in the presense of Kings and Princes. And she showed
me pictures of her with Hillary Clinton, various celebs and
politicians. She and her shop have been featured on CNN as a
successful small business. She said that her hope is that on the Day
of the Banquet, the Lord will say to her, “Well done my good and
faithful servant. Now there’s the kitchen. We need some cheesecakes
for the feast.” So when we get there, if there’s cheesecake, I am
going to go say hi to Dr. Carol. (She has an horary Doctorate now.)

For much of the trip back, I sat in the back of the van because I felt
like I had a bad attitude and wasn’t fit for human consumption. I am
still trying to figure out why.

Bruce also asked if we could stop in Waverly and see his son at
college for a couple minutes. He (the son) is part of a planning team
for a student led worship event each week at his school. We stopped
and prayed for him. Deb was even involved, even though she wasn’t
there physically. She participated via cell phone. It was a
priviledge to be able to pray for this young man of God that is giving
much of his time to bring people into His presense.

We got back into town around 6:30 pm. Cleaned out the van and trailer
and Howard’s truck and were out of there in record time. (about an
hour) Erin was at the church to meet us. Then Linda and I took the
rental van back.

But the trip is not over.

On November 12th. Hale is having a show and tell during church
services at 8:30am and 11:00am at First UMC in Hale. They will be
showing slides and telling stories.

Minnesota is having show and tell with a lasagna dinner at 5:30pm on
Sunday, Nov. 5th.

There is talk of a reunion meeting somewhere in the UP. Better yet, a
reunion tour to Biloxi in the Spring….

The trip is not over…..

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