Biloxi2- The Monday Before

First things first-  I’ve added a lot of new people to
this distribution list.  If you aren’t interested in
receiving it, please send an email to me and I will
take you off. 
We are getting pretty close to set to go on our
Biloxe Bound 2:  The Challenge.  Our team is made up
of 10 people from the River Bend churches in
Minnesota, and 10 people from First UMC in Hale,
Michigan.  We were slated to go to Camp St. Paul in
Ocean Springs, but some things came up and and God is
good, and we got moved to Seashore Assembly again,
which is where we were the first time.  Our Team is
made up of:
From MN-
Rod, Bruce and Judy, Linda, Deb, Howard, Lewis,
Corrine, Barbara, and Lou.  Lou joined us during the
Sweet and Sloppy Variety show fundraiser we held.  We
are mighty glad to have her on the team.  From the MN
team that has helped out but is not going is:  Jim,
Barb and Judy. (more on Judy in a few minutes)
From MI-
Darlene, Ray and Vickie, Barb and Gary, Bob and
Rose, Robin, Roma, and Pat.  Pat is a friend of
Darlene’s from Midland.  On Hale’s team not going is
Sandi and Karen who are coordinating prayer warriors,
Keith, who coordinated an amazingly successful and
tasty spaghetti supper fundraiser, and Pastor Pat. 
Hale has been meeting on Monday nights.  They were
commissioned during church yesterday.  They are
meeting at 4:30am on Saturday to head out and are
driving as far as Nashville.  I suspect they will be
leaving mighty early on Sunday am and beat us to
Biloxi.  They have a trailer to use and a church van. 
On the way back, they are stopping in Tuscaloosa and
Cincinnati, where the churches are not only allowing
them to sleep on their floors, but providing them with
a meal!  Karen and Sandi have coordinated a prayer
meeting on Wednesday night of our trip at the church
at 7:00pmEST.  If you are around the Michigan area and
are interested in participating, 7:00pm at First UMC,
Minnesota has been meeting on Tuesday nights.  They
have a commissioning service this Friday night at
Salem UMC in InverGrove Heights at 7:30pmCST.  (all
are invited).  MN has had a couple fundraisers, a
garage sale spanning two weekends and a variety show. 
Both events were fun for those that participated and
raised a little more than $1700.  MN is leaving from
Salem UMC on Sat. am closer to 8:00am.  They are
spending the first night at Kirkwood UMC in St.
Louis.  Then picking up Deb in Memphis in the am on
Sunday and heading on down to Biloxi.  Bruce and Judy
are flying down to Biloxi on Sunday pm so that Bruce
can preach on Sunday am.  They rented a van and a
trailer, which Howard is going to pull behind his
pickup truck.  On the way back, the MN team will be
spending the first night in Memphis and the second
night in St. Louis, returning to MN in the afternoon. 

If anyone in MN is interested in helping coordinate
the after-trip-van-clean-out, please give me (Rod) a
call or respond to this email.  I think in Hale they
are going to make the youth pastor clean their van. 
(that’s a joke.)
Specific prayer requests for the trip are: 
That the team is physically, mentally, and
spiritually prepared for the trip.  Personally, I have
some sleep catching up to do between now and then. 
Also pray for our health-  There is a cold going
around MN right now.-  season changing things, I
For all the planned logistics to fall into place and
for anything we missed to fall into place
For safe travel for both teams
For Sandi that she has time to bake a pan of her
famous Brownies for Rod (Bruce-  you’re crazy if you
think there will be any left for you!)- 
For whoever and whatever we are leaving behind for
the week to function properly without us so we don’t
have a lot of catch up to do when we get back.
For the people assigning jobs at Biloxi to match us
up with the site(s) that God has appointed us to. 
For us to be able to see God all over the place as
we get ready and go and work and return.
For me (Rod) to know what to do next in terms of
another trip.
Again- if you don’t want to get these updates, let
me know and I’ll take you off the list.

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