Biloxi2 the second Saturday

Hello all! We (MN) are in route back to St. Paul. We (MN) stayed
last night in Memphis. Covenant United Methodist Church. The Hale
team spent the night in St. Luke’s United Methodist in Tuscaloosa,
AL. We stayed in contact for some of the commute every now and
then. This morning, the Hale team got up and headed north. When I
talked to them sometime late morning, Roma said they were eating DQ
and shopping. They arrived in Cincinnati and are spending the night
there. This morning, we (MN) had a great morning of sleeping in
until about 8:00am. We went to the National Museum of Civil Rights
which is housed at the hotel where Martin Luther King Jr. was
assassinated. I took Deb to the airport and got back to the museum
before everyone else had gotten finished. – After the museum, we
went to eat ribs at a place called Rendezvous Ribs. Neat place.
Good fun atmosphere. Great waiter. Good ribs. After that, good
roads to St. Louis. We got in to St. Louis, did devotions and
planned for tomorrow.

I am tired and a little crabby. (not as much now as I was driving in
Arkansas). I am hoping to not have to drive too much. (Those that
know me know that I MUST be tired!) We are all anxious to get home.
The trip is not over.

Good night.

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