Biloxi2- The Thursday before

I hope you like the new format. Yahoo didn’t want to send the email
to everyone and someone suggest G-mail might work better. So here is
a new email address for me. I think I will try to use this mostly for
Mission trip. I might play around with it a little.

Later today, I will post this email and the others I sent to the Blog
I started after the first Biloxi trip. I will try to post pictures
there as we go, also.

In Minnesota, we had our last team planning meeting before we actually
go. I am finally starting to “feel” the energy. I am very much
looking forward to combining forces with the Hale team.

Corrine told a story about how she went to United Methodist Women’s
meeting to present a little about our first trip and this one. She
was late because her replacement at work showed up late. When she got
there and did the preso, (taking more than the 10 minutes alloted to
her) she thought maybe they might give a little money, maybe $10 for
the trip. When she got the check in the mail, it was for $350.

Speaking of money, God has surely provided.

A prayer request involving the housing: I got an email today from the
camp administrator who wanted to verify our numbers. She said they
have 12 spots in the women’s dorm and 10 in the men’s. We have 13
women going. I looked at that and laughed. I am excited to see what
God is going to do with that. Who says God does not have a sense of
humor? Linda- make sure you bring your cot!

Personally, I miss Fred and Polly and Margaret and Jerry and Erin and
Troll and Kristen from the first trip, but I am excited to be meeting
new people from Hale, and getting to know Judy and Lou and Lewis
better. I think in some ways, even though we haven’t met as many
times as the first trip, we are more prepared. Polly talked at the
end of the last trip about the second one not meeting our expectations
because it was such a great adventure the first time. I am beginning
to see that God is going to exceed our expectations. It is hard NOT
to compare trips, but I think this trip many of it’s own merits that
have nothing to do with the first- The Hale contingency, the rootbeer
float party, etc. I think if we go in expecting to experience God and
His work, we’ll be amazed again.

Our verse for this trip is from the Message version. And part of it
says, “Watch how I do it.” Amazing.

Logistics are falling into place, but I still feel like there are of
lot of details that are “hiding” from me.

Hale is leaving at 4:30 am (see Rod shudder…) Minnesota is leaving
at 8:00am.

Minnesota as a commissioning service Friday night.

Thank you for your prayers and support.


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