Biloxi2- Tuesday

There sure was a lot going on today. It’s a little late and there is
so much to tell. It was good. I’m just going to make a list. And
I’m hoping that when the team get’s back, they will explain some of
these stories by adding to the blog.

I got to see Nate and Isaac today. They both seemed discouraged to
me. Nate said that our group is the first group to come back. – or
at least to return to follow up with him. Jim had called me today and
asked me to donate some money to Nate and Isaac both. We’ll try to
connect with them again before we leave. I honestly don’t know yet
how that will happen. Howard did go back to Nate’s today and started
to hang a couple doors. It’s not an official work assignment from
Mississippi Disaster Response, but it was an official work order from
the Lord. Amen?

Tonight, we took Ida Mae (Ray’s floor project) out to dinner to a
place called Lil’ Ray’s. It was a seafood restaraunt in Long Beach.
Tanicia’s mom recommended it to us. We had a great time. Ida Mae had
a great time. We all laughed a lot. It was a very good time for us
as a team.

We are not done at Tanicia’s.

More stories from the neighborhood tomorrow.

Running on reserve battery power now

Gotta run



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