Biloxi2- Wednesday

So When Bruce arrived at his site today, there was a police officer that pulled up to him and asked if he’d heard any gunshots….

He hadn’t and hasn’t. Bruce said that needed to be the quote for today.

Again, a very action packed and full day. I have been given time tomorrow to step away from the painting for a few minutes to type this up when I have a little more energy. So for tonight, I just want to say:

1. Howard’s team finished all we can at Ceecee’s.

2. Weather was great all day until evening when it rained a while.

3. We worked hard at Lena’s (Tanicia’s mom’s) and got a lot of mudding and sanding and taping and priming and painting done. This is where the majority of our team has been working. It is pretty far out from Biloxi (about 20 miles). This creates logistical challenges with lunches and getting people to their worksites, etc. The team that was there before us had great hearts, but less than good skills and we are having to fix a lot of their stuff. (Like drywalling over top of electrical boxes, etc.) We are getting a lot done, but it doesn’t look like it.

4. Yesterday, Darlene met a young couple with a baby and a financial need. We met the need and the baby. They stopped by today to thank us again.

5. Howard went over to Nate’s (from last April’s projects) and helped him with some doors. Then at the end of the day, we all ended up over there to see Nate and Isaac. I think the Michigan folks enjoyed meeting them. Robin agrees (she is standing next to me as I type- making sure I don’t tell you about how Darlene said the ‘h-word’ at the restaraunt last night.)

6. Ray bought linoleum for Ida Mae’s floor. Installed.

7. Ray bought a light fixture and etc. for a family we call Scotty Pippen. (Really, it’s Curt and a last name that starts with a ‘W’) He will install and fix their roof tomorrow. You can pray for this family. The Storm not only broke their house, but their marraige. When Curt and his son and his wife were going to come back after the Storm, the wife wouldn’t return. They are in divorce proceedings now.

8. We made and passed out the flyers inviting people to the root beer float block PARTIES we are gong to have. – two sites- The company I work donated the use of two 10 by 20 party canopies. We are going to set one up in Isaac and Nate’s neighborhood, and one in Lena’s neighborhood and hand out root beer floats. Pray that we can use this time mightily as God draws people in.

9. We saw Rodney today. (Did I tell you about him?- and the vacuum cleaner?- Yes, I think so-) We gave him a sandwich and invited him to rootbeer floats. He promised he would come because he hadn’t seen a root beer float since the “Frosty” closed down several years ago. He was riding his bike (barefoot) to some place to try to get an ID.

10. Last night we took Ida Mae out to eat at a restaruant called, ‘Lil Ray’s” I had a Po Boy. Darlene said the ‘h-word.’ Ask her about it. When Howard ordered his sandwich, the waiter asked if he wanted it “dressed.” Howard asked, “It depends. What does it look like naked?” Everyone in the shop (and all over the Gulf) have thanked us and thanked us and thanked us for coming down. It was a great time full of laughs and joy and fun.

11. We saw real live elephants today.

12. Gary stayed back today because he needed a day to rest after a VERY hard day yesterday. People are getting tired.

13. Had a great time of prayer with the Hale group that met at the church and prayed for us and our needs. We all got a chance to talk with them over Barb’s speaker phone. And they amplified over the church’s P.A. system. Then Jim P. from MN called and they were also meeting at Salem UMC. What a blessing to know that so many people are praying for us and are a part of the Body.

14. We went out to dinner with another work group that is here through the United Methodist Church from Minnesota. We had Chinese buffet. Met their team. Met a woman that wanted to pray for and bless us. People came up and talked to us all the time. (We are hard to miss in our neon-lime-green shirts.- )

15. Devotions at the beach by Deb.

16. More stories to tell more of tomorrow.

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We love you.

All of us.

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