Biloxi3 Day Something

Sorry, no pictures today.

Things Rod did today:
Spent a lot of time cutting and postitioning ONE piece of wood for soffit
Went to meet with a local United Methodist Pastor to talk about
service trips in the Gulf.
Set up a tent for the root beer floats
Served floats
Got surprised by a surprise visit from Troll and Kristen. They just
showed up. amazing.
Took Erin and Harold to the Ocean~ Walked in the ocean
Talked money with Susan.

Things Bruce did today:
Got stung by a hornet
Twisted his ankle
Put up lots of soffit
Met with the pastor we are working for.
Spent a little time with Randon and the Wartburg crowd at the rootbeer
float party

Things Barbara did:
Many things
Missed her flight back to MN
Decided not to buy another ticket and ride back with us

The rootbeer float party was fun. Troll and Kristen and a friend of
theirs from Atlanta showed up and did magic tricks with the kids that
were there. It was great to see them.

We tried to talk Cynthia (our cook) into coming back to MN with us.
Tomorrow we may think about kidnapping.

We have a lot to get done tomorrow. Tonight Howard and I talked about
priorities and what we can realistically get done tomorrow.

Howard and Lewis went to see another previous homeowner that we worked
for last October. (CeeCee)

Prayer requests
Team Unity
Our finances.
Safe travel to Memphis

Thanks all!

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