Biloxi3 Day2 and 3


Met a couple “interesting” people when we stopped for lunch. We gave
them some food and money. They were a couple heading to Utah. They
had caught a ride with a guy who was transporting a 58 T-Bird
Convertable as far as Tulsa. They both may have been a little
chemically altered, but I don’t know them well enough to say for sure.

Then we met a female pastor that prayed for us in the parking lot. It
was pretty powerful. She had a lot of energy.

Then we drove and drove and drove. I was a little anxious about
getting there. At one point, Sue suggested that I drive the next leg
in the van and she would drive Howard’s truck. Was this an invitation
to drive like I mean it? (yes….)

The church we are staying at is a lot different than Seashore where we
have stayed before. The women are staying inside and the men in
trailers in the back yard.

Great hosts!

Met Pastor Hartwell and he led us to our worksite. We will be at the
same worksite all week, I think, and all of us will be there.
Amazingly enough, it’s about three blocks from Ida Mae’s house. (a
home owner we worked for last October). A few of us walked down to
see her. She was pleased to see us.

Our work is drywall, soffit, jacking up/leveling the house, maybe
connecting water to the house, and installing cabinets and whatever
else we can do to get Ms. Washington (our current home owner) into her

Then when we got back to the church, Miss Cynthia had cooked dinner
for us. Red beans and rice, baked chicken, corn bread and bread
pudding. Oh my gosh. We decided we don’t need to go out to eat at
all this week. This woman should write a cook book. Holy buckets.

After dinner we drove around looking at the devastation and ended up
in Ocean Springs where Bruce’s son, Randon, was eating dinner with his
team. “Somebody” wrote on their van with window paint. It was
hilarious. (I will not deny or confirm our participation in this.)

Great day!

Prayer requests:
Team unity
Productivity (they REALLY want to put Ms. Washington in her house when
we are done!)
Jim P. asked that we pray for the Christian school his grandaughters
go to. St. Agnes. They may have to close their High School next
Pray for Pastor Hartwell’s ministry and church. This church is ALIVE!

I’m getting kicked out of the BK I am in writing this. They want to close.

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