Crisfield 1- the first travel day

What a good day.  We left town only about 15 minutes later than we planned.  That's pretty good.  The trip was uneventful, although amusing watching Rod St. drive through downtown Chicago.  

We got into Findlay, OH a little bit before 8:00pm.  Sandi H. from Findlay coordinated a meal for us.  This church is very much a blessing to us!  
Ray B. and Roma B. from Hale, MI met us here.  It is exciting to have them on our team again.  Bob N. from Indianapolis and Carolyn N. from Dayton, OH also met us here and will travel with us the rest of the way.  Also good to have them with us again.  
This is a great team which seems to be cohesive and looking out for each other.  
Tomorrow Kevin and Joe from New York, Gary and Doug from Kentucky, Mark from Michigan, and Dale and Milton from Louisiana will meet up with us in Crisfield.  We are praying for them as they travel.  
We are also praying for the mission team from Crossroads Church in Lakeville, MN as they are also serving on the East Coast this week.  Safe travel.  Effective ministry.  Growth.  
Someone asked about our blog site-  The only thing that is on it so far is just a copy of the same email I have sent out.  But the address for it is:  Soon, we will have pictures to share also.  Rob took some from the van as we went through DT Chicago.  Not sure if anyone else has or not.  Our picture site will be up and ready soon.  (when I put some new pictures in.)  –  
Thank you to those who wrote to us today.  I will share those emails with the team in the morning at devotions.  It means a lot to know we are surrounded and supported by an amazing cloud of witnesses.  We are honored that you have come alongside us for this trip!

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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