Crisfield Mission trip- the 2nd day

Hi all!

Another good day.  A lot of waiting, though.  
Kevin hooked up his truck to the back addition of the house with a chain and pulled it's legs out from under it.  Then we spent time breaking it down and putting it in the dumpster.  
Dale and Milton worked with various people throughout the day on taking off the roof.  
VERY EXCITING!-  Sometime during the night, the chimney collapsed.  All that was left was what was above the roofline, so Milton and Tom (from the Long term Recover Agency) got up on the roof and took it apart brick by brick.  We all had to wait outside the house incase it fell in.  It went just as planned.  
We started calling the people that supported us on our crowdfunding campaign today.  realized that most people that donated didn't care about the rewards had no idea we promised to call from the job sites.  It was fun connecting with people and including them in the team today.  
Ginger and Barbara brought us ice cream sandwiches today.  The little things mean a lot.  
There is a peacock that roams around the block we are working on.  I've heard that the Mayor gave them immunity.  Word on the street (at McDonalds) say he may be named, "Fred." 
Mark and Krissy and Matt and Rob and Gary and I went to McDonalds to send the email where there is a wifi.  While there (here right now) we talked to a couple girls from town who told us about the town.  They said they thought Crisfield had "recovered."  But then talked about another house they knew of that needed demo.  (which was a house Gary went to look at to see if he thought we could finish this week.
We were offered another job site so we could split up a little bit, but we think we are going to turn it down because we want to finish the house we are working on now.  
Excited for tomorrow.  
Prayer requests-
Continued safety on the job site.
Continued team unity.
Safe travel for Krissy and Corrine who have to return to the Twin Cities on Wed.  
Thank you again and again for being part of our team.  We are grateful for you!

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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