Crisfield1 First Work day (no photos)

For those of you getting this twice, I apologize-  I tried to attach photos, and the email got blocked from too many places, and didn't post to our own blog….  So here is the version without photos.  

Traveling from Findlay, OH to Crisfield was a beautiful drive.  Connecting with Ray and Roma and Bob and "The Colonel" was good.  It was neat leaving with another vehicle.  Then we met Keven and Joe from New York not far past the Pennsylvania line.  Took the wrong turn a time or two and got in to Crisfield about 8:00pm.  Gary and Doug got in about an hour later.  Dale and Milton got in just before 11:30pm.  Mark pulled in this morning about 8:00am.  Our team of 22 is complete.  And what a team it is!

This is a very powerful team.  We have a lot of people with construction experience.  And a lot of people that like work.  More on this.
The project they have given us is much different than what we have done for hurricane relief in the past.  They have asked us to completely demo a house.  
The house was damaged by the flood in Hurricane Sandy.  The home owner is Patsy and we got to meet here.  She is currently living in a relative's house right across the street.  The house is two-story, building built a long time ago.  
We started by taking out all the stuff.  And there was a lot of stuff.  The home-owner told us not to save any of it.  Then we broke down the walls, and ceilings.  Ripped out all the kitchen cabinets and plumbing.  Filled four roll-off dumpsters.  
When they told us we would be demo-ing, there was some talk about how that was not a good idea, not the best use of our skills, too many people in one space, unsafe, etc.  And Ray told us all to remember that we are here for them.  We just do what they ask us to do.  And do it gladly.  And we DID!!!  
We worked VERY well as a team today.  We got a LOT done.  There are a lot of skilled workers on this team.  Each one kind of took a section of the house and people just jumped in and helped.  It was realllllly neat to see the Body at work.  
Tomorrow we start taking off the roof and chimney.  
There are so many good stories still Stay tuned.  
Prayer requests:  
—  Safety on the job site
— Glory to God for an AWESOME day.  
— Our friends on the Crossroads Church mission trip in New Jersey/York
—  Continued team unity.  
— Lewis's leg is bothering him.  
Here are some pictures:  Some shots of the house we worked on.  And us working on them.  To see more pictures, you can go to Click here for pictures of Crisfield1
You can go to our blog (which is right now just a copy of this email, but some other members of our team can post to it.-  and they might without me knowing it.)  Click here to go to our blog
You can also search Facebook for River Bend Mission Team and "Like" us.  
I mentioned how we have an awesome team.  You are part of that team!  We are grateful for your participation with us.  Thanks to those that sent us notes.  I have shared them with the team.  This team is one of the best we've had.  And you are part of it.  Thank you!
Last thing-  there is no wifi at the place we are staying.  I had to go to McDonalds to use their wifi.  I might not be able to do it every night.  Thank you for praying for us again!

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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