Crisfield1- the last day and some travel towards home

Keven and Joe made it home on Thursday night.

Friday morning, Dale and Milton took off for home in Louisiana at 4:30am.  
Gary and Doug left around 9:00am for Kentucky
Roma and Ray left right after that for Michigan
The rest of us went to see what Crisfield is all about.  We went to the local museum, a local United Methodist Church, a confectionary where they mix the syrup with the soda for your pop, and then we went to Ocean City where we hung out at the ocean for a little while.  Rob fell in .  Ginger almost fell in.  
Then we went to a National Park (sorry, can't remember what it's called) where there are wild ponies living.  Saw some wild ponies.  stood on the beach again.  Watched a wild pony steal something off someone's picnic table at their camp site.  Watched the sunset.  
Ate dinner in Ocean City and then headed back to Crisfield.  We didn't get back in until after quiet hours, and so we couldn't do any preemptive packing and cleaning.  
Mark left for Arlington
Got textes from everyone that had left earlier saying they had arrived home.  
This morning we wanted to leave at 7:00, but got out around 7:45.   
We stopped at the memorial for Flight 93 that crashed on 9/11 in Pennsylvania.  It was pretty interesting.  Made me think about what I would have done in the same situation on that plane.  But mostly made me hope i would never be in that situation.  
We got to Findlay, OH about 8:30pm.  Sandi H. had dinner waiting for us.  Oh-  and a surprise birthday cake for Lewis, whose birthday is Monday.  (chocolate sheet cake-  holy buckets.)  
Lewis did devotions.  It was a very compelling message about how we see others, and the importance of looking at them through the eyes of Christ's love.  It was timely and stuck some of us in places we didn't want to be stuck.  I thought we should have heard this message on Monday, but then, maybe we weren't ready to hear it, then.  
Getting ready to leave in the morning.  Early.  I want to get home and see my family.  I think we all do.  
More reflections on the week at the next and last update.  I didn't post any new pictures, but you can see the ones we have posted on  (my Aunt says she couldn't see those pictures-  does anyone else have problems?  I am thinking that Picasa might not meet the needs for this anymore.  Feedback?)
Thank you for your continued prayers as we make the final run tomorrow.  

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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