Crisfield2- on the way home

River Bend Mission Team had a "first" today.  On the road earlier than we planned.  Not by much, but every little bit helps.  We had a good day of driving.  Uneventful.  

We arrived at our overnight stop earlier than we thought we would.  (about 6:00pm).  Sandi H. (who happens to be my godmother) organized dinner for us.  GREAT SOUP!!!  And Lewis did devotions.  
I know I haven't talked much about insights and some of the epiphany aspects of the mission trip yet.  I will.  But I have to get them together still.  And I haven't had the time to do that yet.  –  I must have worked harder on this trip because I went to bed earlier, and fell asleep typing these before I even said much of anything besides, "we worked on houses today."  –  But maybe that's the point this time.  Going to Crisfield, kind of like going to Minot, doesn't have much of a tourist component.  The structure of the agency we worked with (did I tell you it was the Mennonite Disaster Service?)  was more full-  or didn't really allow for much down time that was our own.  When we got back each day from the worksite, they had us scheduled until about 7:00ish, and then we did our own devotions, and by 7:30, it was dark out and seemed like time to go to bed.  We worked hard.  And that's what we were there to do.  
And I mentioned before that we had FUN!  We had fun and worked hard.  
More thoughts on wrapping it up later.  
I have some pictures that I took with my phone, but they are all of things you have seen before if you looked at the pictures.  I will add them to Facebook (click here for River Bend's Facebook page and our Picasa site.  (click here:  Picasa site (pictures))  
Lastly-  (for now)-  our next trip is scheduled for April 18th-26th.  Going to Slidell, Louisiana.  Let me know if you want to come or have questions.  There is room on the bus.  
Ok-  that's all for now.  We are leaving in the morning earlyish and hoping to pull back into the Twin Cities between 6:00pm and 7:00pm

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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