Crisfield2- the 2nd work day

First let me say that it WAS an accident.  And he’s fine.  And yes, I did shoot Howard in the hand with a nail gun.

So there we were, framing up a wall and I was running the nailer.  I couldn’t get the nail to go in and then, POP right into Howard’s hand.  Didn’t go through anything really important.  Just skin and soft tissue.  Dale was right there and said that had happened to him a dozen or so times and that injury was not a big deal.  We sat Howard down, got the appropriate first aid equipment ready, and then Dale pulled out the nail.  It didn’t really even bleed that much.  Howard went right back to work and I spent the next hour apologizing.  Check out the picture on our blog or Facebook page.  

And yes, the let me use the nailer again after that.  

Ray’s team (Howard’s) put together- framed up the two longer walls- 40 feet each, and put the outside OSB on them.  Tomorrow we have to lift them into place and I have no idea how that is going to happen without 1.)-  pushing them over the side, and 2.)- Wow there is a lot of weight on those walls.  I will see if Lewis will video it for us.  
Dale is going home tomorrow morning.  We LOVED having him with us these past two days and are going to miss him a lot the rest of the week.

Ted’s (Bob’s) team got the 2nd layer of cabinets hung, more flooring laid down, and word on the street is that The Colonel finished all the paint projects.  
The other REALLY cool thing that we did was go to visit the homeowner we worked for last year.  Last year, they assigned us a house to tear down.  Then they later volunteer teams rebuild her a new house.  Today we went to see her in her new house.  She has been in since July.  It’s GREAT!  See the pictures.  We don’t always get a chance to see the end results.  So it was such a joy to see the results and to share the joy that she experiences being in her new home, and the glory she gives to God for the opportunity to live in her new home.  Pictures on the blog.

Things to pray about~
~  safety on our job sites tomorrow.  
~ Pray for my son and wife.  Ira is sick with an ear infection and possibly pink eye.   
~  Safe travel home for Dale and a productive work week at his recovery sites.  
~  Quick healing for Howard’s hand.  And no infection.  
~  Whether or not you are supposed to join us some time.
Here is the link to our pictures:Click here for all our pictures
And here is a link to our Facebook page:  Click here for our FB page
Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.  

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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