Day 1 – on the road

One of the things I keep thinking about is trying to find ways to make these email notices different than the past 8 trips.  My friend Brody tells me I need to shoot video each day, and post them on Youtube.  I shot about a total of .5 hours of video today, and I can't find anything in there that seems like exactly the right thing to show that tells the story.  And since I was shooting video, I didn't take any photos.  

But here are my observations so far.  And a couple things that happened and a couple things to remember.  And maybe a couple things to think about.
1.  At the Commissioning Service, Pastor Paul Marzahn gave us to remember 3 things from 1 Thessalonians 1:3.  Bonus points if you can pick them out.
2.  This morning at devotions, Rob reminded that God has called us to do three things from Micah 6:8.  Bonus points if you can pick them out. 
3.  Howard lost one of our team credit cards.
4.  Carolyn (The Colonel) won the mobile game of Apples to Apples.  She was good!  
5.  Watching adults play on playground equipment brings joy.  
6.  Last Spring, our team was 29 people strong.  This time, we are 13 people and still just as strong.  And while I like being able to say we have 30 people on a trip, I like the group dynamics from a smaller group better.  This will be a source of tension for me as I ask God which is better and what He would have us do.  Bigger is better, right?  Bring more people in to experience what God is doing, right?   Am I feeding my own ego by having more people?  Glory to God, not glory to rod.  
7.  We made great time in the van today.  12 hours to Cape Girardeau-  that included 2 gas stops and lunch.  This church is HUGE!  
8.  We forgot to bring one of the roasters for the meals.  We will need to stop and pick one up.  
9.  We are having a good time with each other.  God is good.  
10.  We are looking very much forward to having Carla join us tomorrow.  Carla is from Hale, Michigan, my home town.  This will be her first trip with us, but already, she fits in great!  
11.  It was great talking on the phone with Kristen, Roma, and Pastor Bruce.  It was also neat to share the emails and Facebook messages you sent with the team.  Vicki, we loved your prayer!
12.  We are going to have a contest to name the trailer.  Send your submissions.  I'll put some video and some photos online.  Entries will be due by the end of the trip.  More info forthcoming about this.  I just now made it up and have to decide the details. 
It is late and I think I'm the last one up.  I am excited about tomorrow.  Thanks everyone for their love and prayers.  

The spiritual life cannot be made suburban.  It is always frontier, and we who live in it must accept and even rejoice that it remains untamed.
—  Howard Macey
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