Day 6 NOLA1

Each team got more done today than they expected.  

Today was Gary's last day with us.  He is heading back ASAP in the morning.  I (this Rod Sc.) am leading his team now.  Tomorrow I get to set a toilet and use caulk.  This'll be fun.
Lot's of logistics for tomorrow.  We are doing the root beer float party at the same house Gary's team was working at.  
Ate alligator sausage tonight.  And Turtle Soup
Thanks to the people that sent letters.  We got a bunch today!  Gary got a billion cards.  It was really cool.  
Thanks to everyone that sent email notes.  I was able to read a lot of them
Thanks to all that have been praying for us.  here is a list of things we pray for each day:
Corrine M. and her daughter Laurie–  Corrine was supposed to come and couldn't at the last minute.
Jim P. Surgery recovery
Maureen (Darlene's step-daughter) for recovery from surgery / cancer
Our home owners
Betty and Betty-  two women we met at the community breakfast yesterday.  
Jeff S's. and Dave W's kids, who are having a hard time with their dads being away.  
All the work with pictures takes me several hours each night-  I copy everybody's pictures each night.  
Pray for our rootbeer float party.  We don't have a big tent or lights this year.  And I just don't see when anyone will have time to make and distribute flyers for promo.  –  
The pictures are – 
 The homeowner that Howard's team is working for
(This) Rod on the roof
Bob working on grout on the countertop
Troll hard at it.
Deb doing devotions in a park on a bridge
Barbara after doing texture on a roof.
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