Fwd: NOLA 5 Tuesday- 2nd work day

Here is a note we got from Kim O., who was on the NOLA 3 trip and is still looking for her glasses.

You guys are awesome.

the story I’d place on your hearts is David and Goliath.
Read it!
David, our psalm-singer who knew God’s promises not because he had a Bible book to open but who carried them in his heart and songs, remembered who should REALLY be champion/hero to Israel, remembered the promise God had given to Joshua and his people about beating those nasty giants who wound up in Gath.  
Israel was in trouble and needed a hero.  Goliath was the champion and whoever won, won all.  How do you define a hero?  they do what we can’t — because we’re in trouble.
The people of Israel had gotten stubborn — thought that tall Saul was the way to go — against the likes of tall Goliath.  But Saul let them down.  People do that.  Government’s do that.  We are God’s people and if we act as if we remember that, then our hero, our champion is God, and we remember His promises and let him be the one to do the hardest work….
David pointed to God throughout it all — so when people thank YOU for being a hero — share who your real hero is!  Jesus did the hard work of being our champion and did what we CANNOT — he’s all about taking our place so that sin, death and the power of evil can’t defeat us…. echo David — be a good leader and point to the real champ!
You guys are awesome — and have an awesome God!!
That’s what you get for having a friend in Seminary……..
Praying for you all!!

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