Getting ready for our mission trip to New Orleans

Hello All!

We are getting ready for our next trip to the Gulf to help restore and rebuild for survivors of Hurricane Katrina.  This time, though, we are going to New Orleans.  
This email is going to about 200 people, and I worry about how many junk email boxes this is going to.  Could you let me know if this got to you and you want to continue to get it?  And could you let me know if this got to you but you would prefer not to be involved in this mass emailing?  A few people told me last time that they would like to get the first and last emails while we are on the trip.  We are a few months before the actual trip.  
I updated and revamped the blog.  Now it has , a calendar with upcoming meetings and fundraisers, etc., and more pictures from the last trip.  It has a new format (just a little different) and of course, all the past posts.  You can get there by going to:
March 15th-  fundraiser at the Outback Steakhouse in InverGrove Hts.  $15 per person for a steak dinner.  ALL proceeds go toward the trip.  The money we raise goes toward paying the expenses of going and helping rebuild.  
Prayer requests-
1.  We are slotted for the third week in April, but have to change to the fourth week if we can.  We signed up for 15 people, but I think now, there may be a couple more.
2.  That God provides the financial resources for the trip
3.  That the team can prepare logistically, and spiritually for this trip.  
4.  That the churches that are sending us will be behind us and be excited about sending us.  The more we do this trip, the more "old hat" it gets.  We would love to see a revitalized energy behind us.  I guess that means, pray for ways that we can involve more people, even if they are not going.
Thanks everyone, and again, let me know if you get this and want to continue (maybe about once a month between now and the trip, and then each day on the trip.)  or if you would prefer to not get these emails cluttering up your box.  
Peace and Joy!
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