Guess who else is going..

I just found out yesterday afternoon that there is another group going to Mississippi the same week we are going- another group from MN- from the Conference. L. Zable is the contact person for it, so it’s definately a VIM trip. I have mixed feelings about it. On the right level, I think it’s fantastic. The more the better. Put Katrina in her place. Show the love of Christ to as many as possible. And on a selfish level, I think, “HEY! That’s our (my) thunder you’re stealing!” Now that I type that out, it seems a lot more silly. I don’t think we need to change anything about our plans. Just keep going. They are flying down and the cost will be approx. $400 per person. How did they do THAT? I am impressed.

I wonder if Rocky Wilson knows about the other trip. They offered to put our trip in the fall camp brochure. – But he never said anything about this other trip when we talked. I think this says something about the importance of getting the word out that we are going.


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