Hello Glenburn! (Where?!!!)

Today seemed like a VERY short trip in comparison to our 2 day trips to New Orleans in the past (and we’re staying North of Minot in this tiiiiiiiiiny little town called Glenburn, where most of us don’t have cell reception).

All this week I have been thinking about our departure and many things have run through my mind.  I kept coming back to a song by mewithoutYou (talking about us without G-d) and the lyrics, “I do not exist, only YOU exist…” kept floating through my mind.

**Disclaimer– this music isn’t for everyone, but the message that he is proclaiming is very powerful… 

As we step out this week, L-rd… remind us that we do not exist without you… only You exist and these people who have experienced disaster need your hope.


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