Home again home again

We left about 8:15am Sat. in a "squall line"  very dark and very rainy.  Lasted about 10-15 minutes.  Troll took Darlene to the airport, and then left for Atlanta.  (He had to go back to Slidell to pick up his suitcase because he forgot it!)

Darlene left a message for me around 2:30pm saying she was on the ground in Michigan.  
Troll called me in the early evening saying he made it back to Atlanta.  
We got into St. Louis around 8:00pm.  
Next morning, we got up and left a little later than we planned, but in the morning, nonetheless.  Bob left for Indianapolis, and I'm assuming no news is good news.  He told me it was about a 4.5 hour drive.  He should have gotten in around 1:00ish pm CST.  
We got back to the church around 6:00pm.  
Bottom line:  Everyone is  home.   
Thanks for praying!  –  More coming later.
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