How Ali responded to something I said:

Here’s what I said:

Every house in the neighborhood we worked in today was badly damaged. Some people are waiting to see what the City and the engineers decide about rebuilding. It’s possible that the house we worked on today will be razed anyway, and the home owners bought out and not allowed to rebuild there. The people are hearing a lot of different reports and rumors about what is going to happen to their property. They are also saying that 2012 is supposed to be a pretty wet year also. Which begs the question, “Why are we gutting this house when it’s possible they are going to tear it down anyway, or if it’s going to flood again?” And I guess the answer is, “What if they don’t tear it down? And what if it doesn’t flood?” Nobody knows for sure what is going to happen. There aren’t answers today. But we have hope. And we know that God is still God. And we believe that God directed us to come to Minot. And the agency that was still working was Lutheran Disaster Response, so we are working for them and are under their authority. And if they say, “Gut this house,” then we will gut this house. 

Ali highlighted the text above and responded like this: 
Amen! I often feel like the answer to these “questions” you have about the process that is in place on these mission trips is kind of “worldy”.
God called you. You went, You worked, You brought a glimpse of the kingdom and if you remembered to bring your “eyes open to see” saw a glimpse of it as well. If mucking out a basement isn’t the perfect “solution” to get your homeowners back in their home, you didn’t lose much. In fact – you gained fellowship, followship, a little more Christ and an avenue to put those hands and feet work. As someone who doesn’t like to gamble, that is a pretty safe bet.
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