Invite to Iowa

First let me tell you that I've sent this out to a buhzillion people.  (85 to be approximate.)

We are talking about taking a few teams to Iowa for helping clean up and rebuild as we are able.  These would be weekend trips-  probably leaving on a Friday evening, and returning on Sunday afternoon.  There are no dates set in stone yet.  There is no cost approximation.  There are no logistics planned out yet.  There is really just a vision to help out.  

We will have an info / interest / planning meeting on Sunday, July 13th at 2:00pm at Salem UMC.  Let me know if you are interested but unable to attend.  We will welcome your input.  

Carol-  feel free to forward this Jim and Connie and to anyone else you might think is interested. 

I have also already invited past team members and River Bend pastors.  

We look forward to hearing from you / seeing you.  

Email or call with questions or comments or snide remarks.  


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