Last day in Minot

It was a good day.  

Bob's team finished the first layer of tape/mud.  
Howard's team got as far as they could with the flooring
Dave's team finished hanging the all the drywall in the basement.  
Everyone worked well together.  When we met for devotions, there was a lot of discussion about how well this team worked together.  We were all excited about our interactions with our homeowners.  We all felt like we were called to this mission trip.  And that God used us.  
Today was cold.  The tent in Hope Village was cold and not a great set up for what they wanted to use it for.  (breakfast)
We knocked off work around 2:00pm and brought back our tools, cleaned up, and drove around Minot and looked at areas that are still devastated.  When you put this into the perspective of the flood having been almost a year ago, it gets a little sobering.  
After the tour, we met with the pastor of the church that hosted us last fall.  She recommended a restaurant that was pretty good.  LOTS of food.  Tasty.  
I added more pictures to the picture site, and added them to our Facebook page. is the link for the pictures.  On Facebook, search "Riverbend Mission Team"
We are leaving early in the morning.  Expect to be home around 5 or 6pm.  
More final thoughts after we get back.  
Pray for safe travel.  We have worked hard and have had a good trip.  And we are ready to come home.  
More to come.

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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