Minot 2 Day 2

I can say I am sore.  Bob decided that instead of the screws we used on our subfloor, we needed to use ring shank nails.  So Rod St. and I hammered in, we figured, about 1300 nails.  The floor is almost done.  We anticipate being done tomorrow.  We will get another work assignment then.

Howard's team almost finished their siding job, also.  They will also get another work assignment.  
Dave's team got much accomplished, but still have a long way to go.  
The team dynamic with this group is pretty good.  Half from the Twin Cities and half from Pipesone/Slayton, MN  (I want to say the "other Twin Cities of MN"  but I'm not sure it's funny to anyone but me.  –  They are from way southwest MN.)  We all work well together.  And there are people from each location on each team.  This group is fun to be around.  
You may have noticed that on our awesome bright yellow tearm t-shirts, the letters, JAP are printed on the left sleeve.  We wear those initials to honor Jim Parry, who was a part of this team since the beginning, and died of cancer last January.  Jim only got to actually GO with us once to the Gulf in 2007, (where he broke his leg)  but he was involved in the logistic support and fundraising, I think for every trip.  For our first trip, Jim picked the color for the t-shirts ("cyber raspberry" was the official name of the color.  But really, it was hot pink) So I think he would appreciate this bright color.  We miss Jim's laugh and wisdom.  
I gave my camera to Matt S. today, to take some pictures at his job site.  He took some, which I have posted on our pictures site.  Howard and Louie also gave me some pictures.  click here:  www.picasaweb.com/rodscofield/minot2 to see them.  
Thanks to everyone that is supporting us!  We are grateful for your prayers and thoughts.  

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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