NOLA 1 Day 3 (Monday)

Today we got some work done.  We were divided up into 4 teams. 

Bob has one team with (That) Rod St., and Vern E.  They have installed cabinets and are already finishing up both of their two work orders.  
Howard has Dave W., Lewis W., and Darold S.  they are working on putting a roof and vinyl siding on a storage shed for a woman out in the woods.  More on her later.  
Gary has (this) Rod Sc., Darlene, Ali St., Matt S., and Deb S.  We put orange peel texture on walls and got things ready for painting tomorrow.  
Erin C. is leading a team.  Her team is doing door jambs, painting, and building window sills.  She is working with Jeff Sh., Kathy B., Barbara S., and Ginger St.
We heard a lot of interesting information and statistics about the progress in the New Orleans area.  Slidell is much farther along than New Orleans.  
Most of the pics today are from Erin's team.  I couldn't load Howard's pictures, and Ali has yet to bring hers tonight.  (I'm not holding my breath!)  
Troll might join us tomorrow.  Maybe Wednesday.
You can see more pictures at:
Ok-  that's it!
Thanks for your prayers!
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